10cclo (Tribute to 10cc and ELO )

10cclo  (Tribute to 10cc and ELO )

10cclo (Tribute to 10cc and ELO )

We are excited to announce the return of 10cclo!

If you missed them in the VIP Big Top stage this year then you have no excuse for 2019!

Their songs are worldwide rock classics and FM radio staples, that over the passing decades have remained in the hearts of millions of fans… and in the hearts of the musicians that make up the only European tribute to these 2 incredible bands from the last 4 decades.

Based in The North of England, 10CCLO is made up of a very talented group of musicians who all share a collective love and passion for the music of 10CC and ELO.

We don’t dress up or put on wigs to look like the original artists, we do however bring the musical quality of both bands to life in full-on shows with as one fan put it “All Killer and No Filler”!

Perfomance Details

Main Stage
17:30 - 18:30