Dutch DeVille

Dutch DeVille

One late night in the Netherlands almost sunset and the guys from studio ZZ drove home in their old Bedford after a gig. A bottle of cheap tequila was passed around and on the dashboard lay a bunch of wilted red roses, nobody spoke!!

Willy DeVille was crying his heart out on the radio and a desire for romance and steaming Rock ’n’ Roll filled the car, Willy DeVille? said the driver, everyone nodded

A few miles later the band was completed (on paper) with the horn section backline and percussion.

"Red Roses and Tequila" started touring and did small clubs in the Netherlands and Belgium and every gig their were fresh roses and a bottle of tequila.

The band is looking forward to playing in the UK and for this special occasion the guys picked a new name….  "Dutch Deville"


Perfomance Details

Acoustic Marquee
18:30 - 19:00