Jim McMaster

Jim McMaster

Jim McMaster

An overweight, middle aged man who complains about the minutae of daily life, Jim turns his struggle with body hair, people wearing sandals and the bond between man and beast into a rollercoaster of hilarity

After gigging with Chris Ramsey, and Charlie Chuck (Smell of Reeves and Mortimer), Middlesborough based Jim took a break from comedy in 2011. He returned last year to venues including Shoecake Comedy, Blue Giraffe, Hyena Comedy Club, Hot Water Comedy Club and Hilarity Bites, The Stand and Yesbar to name but a few. 


"Jim touches on the obvious without the audience realising the punchline. Confident, cleverly worked jokes that the audience understand with great ease - often resulting in long spells of laughter." – Shoecake comedy 

“Jim McMaster has an engaging comic voice whose jokes will come out of nowhere to punch out a laugh” – Jack Gleadow (multi award winning comedian) 

“Jim puts his own hilarious slant on life and has the audience eating out of the palm of his hand. With timing so slick you'd think he'd been hand crafted in Switzerland” – Splitting Sides Comedy “A great act with a sharp delivery and great presence. A comedian you can't help but like, but who you'd like to watch again and again” – Chris Giles comedian. 

“Jim brings some great laughs that’re sure to entertain any audience young and old alike.” Steve Rimmer - Hull Comedy 

"Jim McMaster's quick wit and dark observations will have you spellbound from the off" – John Paul McQue comedian. 

“A stand-up in the classic tradition. Gags & laughs by the tonne.” – Glen Barrie BadHat Comedy 

"Jim McMaster has a warm presence and a great delievery, he gets the audience on side quickly and keeps them engaged and laughing through his set.” - Jay Johnson, Comedy Promoter for Arc Inspirations. 

“A good set, a confident act with cheeky and witty material” – The Stand

Perfomance Details

Laughing Bull Comedy Marquee
15:30 - 15:45