Kath Marvelley

Kath Marvelley

Aussie Kath Marvelley performs stand up and improvised theatre regularly. New to the North West UK comedy scene and her comedy is dry and fiesty with an Australian flavour. On stage she has a personal warmth and many of her stand up stories are inspired by real life, her personal experiences and loved ones.

"Funny and delightful. Had the audience engrossed. Book this woman." - Stand Up at The Studio “Gets all her material from me” - Her Grandma In the North West Kath regularly performs in Manchester, Warrington, Liverpool and Chester. She has performed in shows including Tarnished Tiaras (MC, Warrington Comedy Festival), Cocktail of Comedy (MC), and a co-starred in a split bill show The Holistic Hour (Warrington Comedy Festival, Merthyr Comedy Festival) in addition to multiple other spots.

Shows she has been in include Get Your Affairs in Order (co-starring, Anywhere Festival), Tarnished Tiaras (co-producer, Bris Funny Fest), Around the Campfire (Anywhere Festival, Big Fork Theatre (impro)), The Apocalypse Variety Hour (Anywhere Festival, Big Fork Theatre (stand up spot)), Fears By Firelight (Impromafia (impro)), Double Shot Impro (Impromafia (impro)) and Cool Story Bro (Big Fork Theatre (impro)). She has also written and performed sketch in GETITINYA (Big Fork Theatre). 

Kath is also a co-producer and founder of Bris Funny Fest, an annual indie comedy festival for comedy of all types. See facebook.com/brisfunnyfest for more details.

Perfomance Details

Laughing Bull Comedy Marquee
17:15 - 17:30