Neville 42

Neville 42 - A Tribute to Level 42

Neville 42 - A Tribute to Level 42

Returning for their third performance at Tribfest, we're pleased to announce the return of Neville 42, a tribute to Level 42.

Neville 42 were formed in 2015 by an eclectic mix of previous band members, long-lost friends, complete strangers and family members, all with a common bond that is the guilty pleasure of Level 42.

With the tribute band scene having very little to offer in the way the great band itself, along with each band member being at a crossroads in their own muso/musical careers and wondering what the hell to do next, it seemed that the most obvious thing to do was to form a Level 42 tribute band in order to fill the gap and also to make life that bit more difficult for themselves!

Although the band is very much still in it's infancy, the reaction to the handful of gigs they have played to date has been overwhelming and they have even had positive encouragement from some of the ex-members of Level 42 itself.

Their live shows re-create the energetic and highly accomplished live performances which Level 42 have been famous for over the years. With a great blend of all the original hits and live tracks that were popular with the more hard-core fans, Neville 42 deliver an authentic sound that really is true to the original. They pay tribute to the early classics such as The Chinese Way, You Can't Blame Louis and the later hits Heaven In My Hands and Forever Now.

Neville 42 comprises of five band members:

David Lloyd (Mark King)
Wayne Brown (Mike Lindup)
Ejaz Ibrahim (Boon Gould)
Peter Smalley (Phil Gould)
Alison Lloyd (Annie McCaig)

Each band member has been active on the UK music scene for over 30 years (about 150 years if you combine them!), all working with a variety of established acts.

David Lloyd has had a prolific career as a bass player travelling round the world with various original and cover bands and he is very proud to have played the Tribfest several times over past few years, including headlining the main stage with Achtung Baby.

Wayne Brown is a multi instrumentalist, producer & songwriter who has been very active on the music scene and comes from a strong musical pedigree. He has played a wide variety of musical genres from Ska to Punk, from Rock to Funk.

Ejaz Ibrahim has had a high profile on the Manchester music scene over the years with his highly original blend of virtuosity and creative sounds. He is the younger brother of Aziz Ibrahim (ex Stone Roses, Steve Wilson, Asia & Simply Red).

Peter Smalley was in several original bands back in the 80's and early 90's. He gave up playing due to family commitments but was enticed out of retirement when a tongue-in-cheek discussion about forming a Level 42 tribute band suddenly became serious! It's as if he'd never stopped playing if you've seen him at recent Neville 42 gigs.

Alison Lloyd sang lead vocals in several original and cover bands on the Manchester music scene up until 2000 when she decided to retire gracefully. She has recently been lured out of retirement by Neville 42 to add her vocal talents, providing the booze is free.......

Perfomance Details

15.45 - 16.30