Ramble Gamble

Ramble Gamble

Ramble Gamble

Ramble Gamble are an intense, alternative folk act from Lincolnshire, having been together for just over a year they have already made a huge impact, playing venues and festivals up and down the UK.

Their unique sound is thanks to an influence in a variety of heavier genres as well as traditional folk influences, mixed with an arsenal of instruments and harmonies, they create a sound like no other and are not to be missed!

Their debut album is set to be released later this year!"

Band Members.......

Sian Hart (Vocals/Ukelele/Tambourine) 

Matt Hercock (Vocals/Mandolin/Ukelele/Banjo) 

Jonny Lavin (Vocals/Guitar/Beard) 

Chris Logan (Vocals/Bass) 

Slim Joe Jackson (Harmonica/Lead Guitar) 

Paul "Mr Stiff" Walker  (Keyboard)  Benjamin Green (Drums, Cajon)


Perfomance Details

Acoustic Marquee
19:15 - 19:45