Ted Hanky

Ted Hanky

Ted Hanky

Ted Hanky .... magician, life coach, vegetable innovator, big fan of the bush! 

Once described by ‘Caravaners Weekly’ as “....just weird” Ted is very much the strangest thing you will ever meet (outside of London). He once ate a Daddy Long Legs live on stage to secure his position within the food chain.

Prepare yourself for stories of childhood shame, alluring techniques of seduction, a drop of Um Bongo, some splendid parody, and probably the best worst jokes you’ve never even heard of ....much. 

Ted claims to be very much like your first prostate examination, uncomfortable to begin with but once your comfortable, fun .... and extremely necessary. 

"Ted Hanky is as funny as he is weird and he's really weird. A great new alternative act that WILL have you laughing" - Jed Salisbury, Laughter Tracks
"Ted Hanky will have you howling with his crazy antics” - Chris Lumb, Discount Comedy Checkout
“Ted Hanky is weirdly wonderful and is sure to make any comedy audience laugh” - Steve Rimmer, Hull Comedy

Perfomance Details

Laughing Bull Comedy Marquee
19:15 - 19:30