The Finetimes

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The Finetimes

The Finetimes are a 90s Britpop band recreating those days that went on to become known as Cool Britannia. It became a pivotal moment in British cultural history.

If you are of a certain age you couldn't miss the amazing times of the '90s however The Finetimes happened by 'accident' in 2014. Robo organises an annual event called the Medium Squad Memorial and in 2014 he had his mate Mojo's mod band playing on the bill. When the support band had to cancel he asked Mojo if he would play a few songs before his main band with Richie a singer he knew from work. This was a day before the event with no chance of a rehearsal however Mojo surprisingly agreed. Caddy a local drummer who had agreed to supply a drumkit for the event also got roped in and neither he nor Mojo had ever met Richie until five minutes before they went on. The lads immediately clicked and the response was brilliant. The following days and weeks the lads were told how this makeshift band was much better than Mojo's established band, so The Finetimes were born and the other band fell apart not long after anyway. A few months later Milly was added to the line-up on additional guitar to fill out the sound and help to make the band the force they now are.

Perfomance Details

20.30 - 21.30