We Are Not Devo

We Are Not Devo - A Tribute to Devo

We Are Not Devo - A Tribute to Devo

Attention spuds! Here is the only one in the UK, DEVOted to celebrating the music of Akron's best. Pay attention to your Gut Feeling and come join us in the VIP Big Top with your friends Jerkin Back n Forth to avoid fast falling Space Junk. Don't shrivel up for the Girl U Want…Be Stiff! Use your Freedom of Choice to Slap Your Mammy or Simply Whip It good because tonight your Uncontrollable Urge can get Satisfaction in this Beautiful, Wiggly World. Expect hazmat suits, energy dome hats, a high octane afternoon of pop bangers.

“ I saw Devo on their last UK tour, and these guys were better”

“I can’t believe it’s NOT Devo”

Perfomance Details

14.45 - 15.30