Are you looking for a fun, easy and sustainable way to camp at Tribfest?

Well this is your way to go!

The brand new waterproof, environmentally friendly and relaxing way to spend your weekend! The infamous cardboard KarTent has enough room for two and keeps the light out in the morning (when you have a hangover, that’s pretty nice).

Regardless of the weather, the KarTent will remain completely dry inside for the duration of the festival! And once you’re done using it either pack it up and take it with you, or we'll recycle it into toilet paper, school books, shoe boxes and whatnot.

And even better, it's set up and ready for you when you arrive at the festival!

If you’re after a really convenient option, you can also order sleeping bags and air beds! We've got you covered and you won’t have to worry about a thing!

We've got 2 packages available:

- The Empty Cardboard Box -

1x KarTent

(Set up and ready for you when you arrive)

Sleeps 2 people


- The Full Cardboard Box -

1 x KarTent

(Set up and ready for you when you arrive, filled with:)

Sleeps 2 people

1x double airbed

2x sleeping bags


Click here to book your KarTent for Tribfest 2018

(Please note, this does not include your weekend admission to Tribfest, you will need to purchase your tickets separately)