Foo Fighters GB (Tribute to Foo Fighters)

Foo Fighters GB (Tribute to Foo Fighters)

Foo Fighters GB (Tribute to Foo Fighters)

We're not 'Waiting on a War' but we are definitely waiting for Tribfest 2021!

 The lineup continues to blow our socks off now presenting Foo Fighters GB!!!

Foo Fighters GB are a midlands based tribute band whose goal is to provide a true-to-life reconstruction of a real Foo Fighters performance at any and every show. They pride themselves on bringing the true, authentic Foo Fighters experience to you.

Over the past 6 years and a few line up changes, the sound that Foo Fighters GB produce has been constantly refined and this is reflected in the equipment that they use; Lead guitarist, Nath Peach and front man, Dan O'Connell, utilise the sounds of a Mesa Boogie and Vox AC30, teamed with Gibson Les Pauls, Explorers and a DG335 and Fender custom shop Telecasters. Bassist, Connor Croxford uses a Fender P bass along with an Ashdown Bass stack. Russ Weller, Drums, has a Gretch USA custom pink, which was custom built to match the kit Taylor Hawkins used at Glastonbury festival. He also has a Gretch USA custom Bell Brass snare and A custom Zildjian cymbals. Jim Freeman, keys, uses a Nord Electro D6.

All of this plus the experience in the field, having played multiple large festivals to tens of thousands of people, mean that Foo Fighters GB provide a ground-breaking, authentic experience at any and every show.


Perfomance Details

VIP Big Top
18:30 - 19:15