Howlin' Johnny & The Devils Rejects

Howlin' Johnny & The Devils Rejects

Howlin' Johnny & The Devils Rejects

Howlin’Johnny and The Devil’s Rejects were born in a bottle in Australia 1925 in The Boggo Road Gaol. 

Jailed, for crimes of grave robbing, sheep rustling and selling stolen underwear on the black market. Returning to the UK in 1954 against un-popular demand they set out to rebel against the system and began walking the streets like a country song. Begging, stealing and generally annoying people by shouting ‘are ya getting plenty?’.

They are still going strong to this day. The band, are at the fore front of the NWOBS (New Wave Of British Skiffle).

The band are made up of: 

‘The Reverend’ Howlin’Johnny on Ukulele and crooning,

‘Brother’ Nick Procter on banjo,

‘Brother’ Johnny Lorrimer on bass and on Washboard and Suitcase drum kit

‘Brother’ Jason Winder.

Never before will you fine folks have heard a band like this. It’s fast ‘n’ furious and damn good buffoonerry!

It’s like a cross between The Pogues meeting The Clash and Ian Dury in a back street boozer in Camden Town whilst having a good jolly up with George Best, Arthur Atkinson, Ken Dodd and Oliver Reed !

They perform an eclectic array of fine tunesmithery by various artists such as Motorhead, The Sugarbabes, The Faces, Bon Jovi, Slade, ABBA and, many more illustrious entertainers. 

Guaranteed to get your chuckle muscles going and your legs shaking in an uncontrollable fashion and indeed, you won’t be able to stop throwing yourself around in gay abandonment whilst shouting the bands war cry!


Perfomance Details

Acoustic Marquee
20:00 - 20:30