Ultra 90's

Ultra 90's

Ultra 90's

Groove is in the 💚

They usually end our festival but this year they're kickstarting it!

Get your glowsticks at the ready and dance like you did back in the day (when your back didn't ache).

You know what they are and what they do but for some first timers, this is one NOT TO BE MISSED.

Ultra 90s perform the best classic chart, dance and club anthems from the 1990s. From Snap! To Faithless, from Dee-lite to Vanilla Ice, Ultra 90s guarantees to get the tent buzzing. Taking you through House, Chart, Dance and Club Classics along with popular Drum and Bass tunes from the 90s Nostalgia at it's best.

It is easy to forget just how important and exciting dance music seemed during its heyday. These days, people write books and make films about how the mid-90s were the sole domain of guitar-fuelled Britpop. But during exactly the same period, clubs and house music were such big business that they were widely assumed to have changed British culture forever.

Let's relive our youth together again Tribfest! Tribfest is the biggest and best tribute band festival in the world! You are guaranteed a fantastic family friendly weekend with all the entertainment that you could shake a glow-stick at!


Perfomance Details

Main Stage
20:00 - 21:30