Eco Friendly Festival

In 2018, Tribfest is aiming to be more environmentally friendly, we're focusing on using less single use plastics and recycling what we do use.

We're making steps to reduce our impact on the environment, but we need your help too.

Re-usable Plastic Cups

Drinks purchased from our bars will be served in our Tribfest Stack Cups. We've been using these for the past few years at the festival, we love them and we know you do to! Available for just £1, make sure you bring your cup back to the bar each time you buy a drink, and have it replaced if it gets dirty! Plus it's a great souvenir to take away with you and use at home!

No More Plastic Straws

It's estimated the UK uses 8.5billion non recyclable plastic straws each year! We're saying goodbye to plastic straws and will be replacing them with biodegradable paper straws in all our bars at Tribfest 2018.

Car Sharing

We've teamed up with GoCarShare to make car sharing to and from the festival easy! Whether you're driving and have spare seats, or are looking for a lift to Tribfest, sign up and find the perfect car share for you. It's a great way to reduce carbon emissions, plus it also splits the cost of your journey, making it cheaper for everyone. Find out more on our GoCarShare page.

Cardboard Tents

We're not joking, you can hire a cardboard tent for the weekend at Tribfest! Fully waterproof and already assembled for you when you arrive, reduce the impact of buying a flimsy tent and then throwing it away by booking a KarTent. Either take it with you after the festival, or we'll recycle it for you! Click here for more information.

How can you help?

To reduce the impact of the festival on the environment, we need your help reduce waste and send less to landfill.

  • Bring a reusable water bottle. We've got water taps available in the campsites and the main arena. Bring a water bottle and fill it up throughout the weekend. Plus do you really need a straw for your drink? We're getting rid of plastic straws, and you should too. Paper straws are just as good, and are much better for environment.
  • Leave no trace. We know it's no fun packing away on Monday morning, but please don't leave your tent, gazebo and inflatable swans! Pack them away and use them again at next year's Tribfest.
  • Put down the matches! Campfires are not allowed at the Tribfest, and burning tents and rubbish is a definite no no. Burning plastic, tents and rubbish causes thick black smoke and dangerous fumes. 
  • Ditch the glass. We have a 'no glass' policy at Tribfest. We've got to share the field with deer for the rest of the year and broken glass is pretty dangerous to them. Make sure any liquids are in non glass containers. Wether this is a steel flask, or a re-useable drinks bottle, help us to keep the deer, and the environment, happy!