Record Breakers!

It's official, we broke the record for 'The World's Biggest Oops Upside Your Head Dance' at Tribfest 2016!

We had 586 people taking part and dancing along on Saturday 20th August 2016, which took us way past the previous record. Were you one of the record breakers?

Click here to go to the Record Holders Republic website

Our World Record Attempt for 2017 is...

After last year's success, we'll be attempting to break the record for 'The World's Biggest Love Train Dance'!

Join us in the Main Arena on Saturday 19th August where we'll be getting our boogie on and doing a Love Train Conga to put Tribfest into the record books once again!

Listen to 'Love Train' and get ready to join the conga!

Tribfest is East Yorkshire's record breaking festival