Once again, our bar prices haven't risen since 2008!

The bars are open during the following times:

 Thur - The main bar will open 6pm till 12 Midnight

VIP bar: 12 noon - 2.00am Fri, Sat, Sun

Main arena bar: 12 noon -11.30pm Fri Sat,  12noon - 11.00pm Sun

The Pimms/Cocktail bar will open to everyone and will be situated between the Main Bar and VIP Bar so come and grab a jug of Pimms or a Tribby Cocktail and enjoy it in the sunshine!


WE AIM TO PLEASE All the prices will remain the same as in 2008 (That's 10 years without increasing bar prices) as we always strive to give all our Tribby Tipplers the best deal we can. Although the price of alcohol and VAT has increased, we have kept our prices the same.

Tokens Only

You can only buy drinks fom the bar with tokens. There is a token point at the end of each bar where you can exchange your cash or credit card for £3 and £1 tokens.

No cash is to be handed over at the bar, you must pay for your drinks in tokens! Tokens can only be used at the bars and not at the other vendors (food/retail) on site. The tokens are non refundable so please make sure you dont over buy.



Once again, the Tribfest stack-cups will be returning! These one pint glasses come with an attached stacking handle which allows you to easily carry a few pints in one hand! They're also a great souvenir from your time at Tribfest!

To keep litter to a minimum, we ask you pay £1 for your plastic glass and keep it with you at all times. If you need a clean one, then you can exchange your old one at the bar. If you return to the bar without a glass, you will be charged £1 for a new one.


PLEASE NOTE: You will not be able to enter or leave the main arena with alcohol. A table will be available to leave glasses, at your own risk, whilst you leave the arena. No glass will be allowed on any part of the site.

Tribfest 2017 Bar Prices


Carling Lager - £3
Wold Top Real Ale - £3
Worthingtons Bitter - £3
Guinness - £4
Carling Cider - £3
Reckorderlig Cider (Strawberry and Lime) - £4

All drinks will be served in your commemorative plastic Tribfest pint cup.  Half pints will not be available. Wine/Champagne will be served in a plastic Wine/Champagne glass

Bottles (which are plastic)

WKD Blue  - £3
Smirnoff Ice  - £3


**Double Up For £1 Extra**

Smirnoff Vodka - £3
Brandy - £3
Bacardi - £3
Gin - £3
Jim Beam - £3
All including a mixer.

Champagne - £33 per bottle
Sparkling wine/Cava/Prosecco  - £15 per bottle

Red/White/Rose Wine - £4 (175cl small bottle)

£2 each or 2 for £3 

Soft Drinks

Pepsi - £1
Diet Pepsi - £1
Lemonade - £1
Bottled Water - £1

 Energy Drink (can) - £2

Tribfest Souvenir Pint Glass - £1


(Coconut Rum, White Rum, Cola, Lime)

(Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Orange Juice)

Jug of Pimms – £15
Per glass - £6

(£5 deposit on each jug)

Kid's Sand Castle Cocktails!

(Alcohol free, in a sand castle bucket!)


Best Bar None Accredited Premises 2016-2018
Working in partnership to provide safe and well managed premises in the East Riding of Yorkshire