Bar Opening Times:

Main Bar
Thursday - 6pm - Midnight
Fri/Sat/Sun - 12noon - 11.30pm

VIP Big Top Bar
Fri/Sat/Sun - 12noon - 2.00am

Plus we've got the Gin, Pimms & Cocktail Bar open throughout the weekend in the Main Arena in between the Main and VIP Bars.

2018 Bar Prices

WE AIM TO PLEASE and keep the bar prices as low as possible to give all our Tribby Tipplers the best deal we can.


Lager - £4
Wold Top Real Ale - £4
Worthingtons Bitter - £4
Cider - £4
Fruit Cider - £4


**Double Up For £1 Extra**

Smirnoff Vodka - £4
Brandy - £4
Bacardi - £4
Gin - £4
Jim Beam - £4

Champagne - £32 per bottle
Sparkling Wine/Cava/Prosecco  - £16 per bottle

Red/White/Rose Wine - £4 (per glass)
Red/White/Rose Wine - £16 (per bottle)

£2 each or 3 for £4 

Soft Drinks

Pepsi - £1
Diet Pepsi - £1
Lemonade - £1 
Energy Drink - £1
Bottled Water - £1

Tribfest Souvenir Pint Glass - £1

All drinks will be served in your commemorative plastic Tribfest pint cup.  Half pints will not be available. Wine/Champagne will be served in a plastic Wine/Champagne glass



Tokens Only

You can only buy drinks from the bar with tokens. There is a token point at the end of each bar where you can buy your tokens with cash and all major credit/debit cards.

No cash is to be handed over at the bar, you must pay for your drinks in tokens! 

Tokens can only be used at the bars and not at the other vendors (food/retail) at the festival. 

Tokens are non-refundable, so please make sure you don't over buy at the start of the weekend.



Once again, the Tribfest stack-cups will be returning! These one pint glasses come with an attached stacking handle so that you can easily carry a few pints in one hand! They're also a great souvenir from your time at Tribfest!

Our special Tribfest stack cups are available for £1 and they help us reduce litter over the weekend. Bring your plastic glass with you for your next drink, and if you need a clean one, we'll replace it free of charge! You'll have to buy another if you come to the bar without one though!


You will not be able to enter or leave the main arena with alcohol. A table will be available to leave plastic glasses, at your own risk, whilst you leave the arena.


Best Bar None Winner of 'Best Entertainment/Leisure Venue' 2018-2020

Finalists in REYTA Awards Most Remarkable Event 2019 & 2020

Best Bar None Accredited Premises 2016-2018