Fancy Dress

Thursday - Band Merch 🎸👨🏻‍🎤

Show us who you like listening to by wearing their gear! You never know, it might just inspire our 2023 line up!

**Don’t forget to buy your early entry ticket to get the best pitches and see some incredible acts on Thursday night at Tribfest 2022**

Friday - Beach Partayyy ☀️🏝🐠

Let's bring on the sunshine and have a beach party at Tribfest 2022, you know the drill let's go coconutterly bonkers on this one.

Saturday - Charity Shop (Worst Dressed) 👗🧢🧥

We loved this idea from Pete, one of our fantastic Facebook followers! Everyone's a winner, you get to donate to a charity of your choice by buying something and giving it a great send-off! Or keep it and wear it daily, we're not judging.

Sunday - Best of British 🇬🇧💂🏼‍♀️👑

Lots of people requested this theme to celebrate the Queens Platinum Jubilee. So, let's put on our Sunday best and celebrate all things British...think outside the box!

Have a look through the previous years photos for some inspiration!


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