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Carrie Martin. You may or may not know the name, but one thing is for certain – you should. Hers is a true story of rags to – well, not quite riches maybe, but certainly success and critical acclaim in the world of contemporary acoustic-based folk/rock music. 

Born in Hull, Carrie developed something a local reputation while still in her teens, as an acoustic guitarist and singer/songwriter of no mean ability. Local radio support and popular live shows were left behind as she reached her twenties, however, as her stubborn nature led her into fronting rock bands as a singer, and the guitar was largely dropped. Music then became completely put aside as she abandoned it in order to raise her children, and her guitar went untouched for some two decades until a chance meeting with guitar virtuoso Gordon Giltrap changed her life. 

With the support and mentoring of Gordon, and also a very supportive relationship with Vintage / JHS guitars, she picked up the threads of her long-dormant career, with an EP, Luna, and a full-length album, What If, appearing in 2011 and 2014 respectively. While widely praised, however, these releases served as the warm up to her definitive work, 2017’s Seductive Sky album, on which she was joined by guests such as her great friend Gordon Giltrap, keyboard maestro Oliver Wakeman and legendary guitarist Elliott Randall, along with Daniel Karl Cassidy, younger brother of the late Eva Cassidy, with whom Carrie has sometimes been compared herself. 

The album is a magnificent snapshot of an artist at the peak of her creativity, and determined not to let this second bite of the musical cherry go to waste. Join her on her journey; it is Seductive indeed...  

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Acoustic Marquee
14:30 - 15:00