Tribfest 2022 update!

Hello you lovely lot,

Hope you’ve managed to have some fun in the sun and haven’t melted away!

With 4 weeks to go we wanted to share some information with you all so that you can start planning your #Tribfest2022 adventure!

As you may notice we have made significant changes to the site layout this year. This is due to the rising demand for caravan pitches. Therefore, ALL STANDARD SIZE HOOKUP ticket holders will be sited in the RED zone and all OVERSIZED HOOKUP ticket holders will be sited in the BLUE zone. ALL RED STANDARD ELEC HOOK UP tickets must follow the red route to enter the site on Thursday and Friday (until the rush calms down, Friday about 2pm we think). As of Saturday and Sunday everyone will enter through the Main Gate as uaual.

We are putting this in place as a matter of health and safety and our traffic management for the village. As so many caravans arrive before the 10am gate opening time to get in the queue this causes major issues on the road for the locals and also our staff. By operating a secondary entrance for the Standard Electric Hook Up tickets, we hope this will get rid of some of the issues. If you are wishing to avoid queuing in your caravan upon arrival then please consider arriving mid-afternoon when we see the queues quieten down. The pitches are allocated on a first come first served basis so if you would like to be near your group then you must arrive in convoy to increase your chances.

If you are Standard Electric Hook Up ticket holder then it will be easier to travel in via the Garton Slack A166 then turn onto Garton Hill B1252. If you are an Oversized Electric Hook Up ticket holder then it will be easier if you arrive via Limekiln Hill B1252, through the Sledmere Village.

Another update. We are creating a SUPER bar this year by joining the Main Bar and the VIP bar in one tent. They will still be separate and the VIP side will still be accessible from the VIP tent. However, we had complaints about the noise levels when trying to order a drink/have a chat at the VIP bar when the music is on so, this new layout will provide a much more pleasant experience for yourself and our staff alike.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your cooperation. Whilst there may be a few teething issues we strive to implement positive changes as we grow to ensure a better experience at Tribfest for everyone 💚

More updates will be coming so keep your eyes peeled 👀📧