Fancy Dress

It's time to get fancy...the wait is over and and the fancy dress themes for Tribfest 2019 are finalised 🤩

Thursday - Say It With Your Chest 🎵🎶

You would think that 3 fancy dress themes would be enough but not for you completely bonkers but completely lovely bunch! After countless requests for a fancy dress theme on Thursday we have decided on Your Favourite Band/Festival T-Shirts'. We want to see who you never know you might see one of them on next years line up!!!

Friday - Back 2 Skool  📕✏️

As you all know Tribfest is a teenager this August! 13 this year (where does the time go?!?) so, let's rewind the clocks...what where you doing in your teens? Actually don't tell us haha! Were you a mod, rocker, punk, new romantic, chav, mosher, indie kid, greb, goth, prep, nerd? Well whatever you were back then let's recreate...just no kissing behind the bike sheds please!

Saturday - The Big Day 👸🤵 

Breaking news! Tribfest will be hosting their very first wedding and you're all invited! 2 special people who you will recognise and love will be tying the knot at Tribfest and we want to make this the best day of their life. Dust off your big hats, pull out your frilly frock, get suited and welly-booted up and get yourselves ready to attend the wedding of the year.

Sunday - Colours of the Rainbow 🌈 

This day is going to be the brightest day of the year! We are celebrating LOVE. Get bright, get loud, get funky and most of all get colourful. Starfish - Coldplay Tribute Show are headlining on the Sunday night and as you know, we are puling out all of the stops for this with incredible video accompaniment and the famous flashing wristbands. We want you to get creative (as you always do) we're expecting some bright and beautiful things!

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Once again we're asking our loyal Tribfesters to get into the festival spirit and make your weekend even more fun filled and pull on some fancy dress. Have a look through our gallery for some inspiration!