A 'Gold' tribute to Spandau Ballet!

Returning to the Tribfest VIP Big Top stage, we're pleased to welcome back, True Gold ‘The Spandau Ballet Experience’

‘TRUE GOLD – THE SPANDAU BALLET EXPERIENCE’ are the world’s premier tribute to the music of New Romantic icons Spandau Ballet. Over the years they have established themselves as one of the most exciting and accurate tribute bands in the UK. The likeness of vocalist Lee James to Tony Hadley, both in look and voice, is uncanny, and with the exciting line up of musicians behind him, Jonathan Fletcher (guitar), Neil Newsome (bass), Adie Savage (drums), Ruben Iveson (sax and percussion) and Samantha Hindman (backing vocals) it’s very easy to see why True Gold are the only Spandau Ballet tribute endorsed by Tony Hadley and Spandau Ballet themselves.

Their television appearances include The One Show (BBC) where Tony Hadley joined them onstage to perform and they are prominent in the soundtrack to feature film Elevator Gods.

Over the years the band have travelled the world taking their show to multiple countries including Dubai, Spain, France and Holland and are looking forward to more overseas shows and many more dates around the UK and Europe this year.

"Based in Sheffield U.K, but we bought a ticket to the World!"