A new arrival to the VIP Marquee

Today we've got a brilliant band to add to the Tribfest 2014. They'll be making their debut at the festival in the VIP Marquee. Make sure you've got your tickets for the world's biggest tribute band music festival. Get them here

"There's No Other Way"

We're very pleased to announce that Blurd, a tribute to Blur, will be performing in the VIP Marquee on Sunday 17th August 2014.

Blur tribute band Blurd have been performing across the UK since 2006. Over the years Blurd have been thrilling audiences all over the Europe at countless clubs, parties, and festivals and continue to be the most authentic and in-demand Blur tribute band with reviews such as: “There are tribute bands that do it. And there are tribute bands that LIVE it too! Blurd have studied the detail of their heroes to such a degree that they have started morphing into them.

The hair, clothes, instruments, mannerisms and, most importantly, the sound are all spot on. Britpop at its classiest”

Grab some "Girls & Boys" and come and see Blurd in the VIP Marquee on Sunday 17th August, 19.45 - 20.30

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