An 'Extra Special' lineup addition

After a storming performance in the VIP Big Top last year, we're pleased to announce the return of The Extra Specials, a tribute to The Specials.

The Extra Specials are a tribute to this great band and are a 2Tone and ska revival band formed in the North East of England. Their music combines a 'danceable ska and rocksteady beat with punk's energy and attitude'. People who've seen the band livee literally find it impossible to stand still while the lads perform their set of classics from 'Too Much Too Young' to 'Message To You Rudi'. They have recently supported bands including The Selector, From The Jam, The Lambrettas and The Beat.

The Extra Specials deliver a frighteningly authentic and passionate re-creation of The Specials tracks and like The Style Selektors, attention to detail is what sets them totally apart

As Leslie Nemes from Haircut 100 said last year whilst sunbathing "They are all the Wotsit without the cheese"

From the amplification and instruments to the clothes and attitude, if you were 12 in 1979, The Specials were easy peasy lemon squeezy the greatest band on the planet. If you're now 47 in 2016. Nothing changes!

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