Another great addition to the main stage!

Once again we're adding another brilliant act to the lineup for Tribfest 2014, the world's biggest tribute band music festival. Make sure you're a part of it, get your tickets today here.

"Wanted, Dead or Alive"

We're very excited to announce that Bon Jovi UK will be playing on the main stage on Saturday 16th August 2014.

The BON JOVI UK show is exciting, lively and very entertaining for all ages. Very rarely do you see an entire band smile from start to finish. Their show is a full throttle rock and roll party welcoming you in to their world from the first 'anthemic' song.

BON JOVI UK are bigger and better than before and for the first time in the UK, the band will open the first half of their show replicating the full look of Bon Jovi in the 1980's. It’s all here, the look, the sound, the hits, the energy, the party atmosphere but most importantly, the warmth with the audiences. A common problem with a lot of tribute bands is that they perform a set that includes some of the more obscure songs which is fine for the die hard fans, but not for the majority. This band keeps it's set tight and only performs the major hits, no semi known album tracks!

BON JOVI UK has worked very hard to capture what the audiences want and give it to them! What makes this band stand out from any other Bon Jovi band is they have a very audience friendly warm front man who hits all the notes (and in the original key), Ritchie Sambora’s twin on lead guitar, Tico with the double kit and goatie beard, a curly haired David Bryan on Keyboards and a very talented Hugh on bass guitar.

Last year, their 'Jon' performed all the Jon Bon Jovi vocals for the worldwide Sony game - Buzz!!

Make sure you're at the main stage to see Bon Jovi UK on Saturday 16th August, 13.00 - 14.00.

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