Fancy Dress 2020!!!!

It's time to get fancy...the wait is over and the fancy dress themes for Tribfest 2020 are finalised 🤩

Thursday – Worst Wigs 👩‍🎤👨‍🎤

Let’s hair it for the worst wigs! We want to be shocked and appalled by the total rubbish that we see on your heads on Thursday. Whether it’s a neon green mullet, a perm gone wrong or whatever else you can create…we can’t wait!

**Don’t forget to buy your early entry ticket to get the best pitches and see some incredible acts on Thursday night at Tribfest 2020.**

Friday – T for Tribfest 🌳🧻🐢🚕🏸🎺🚂🚽☎️🧸

This one is pretty self-explanatory think of something or someone that starts with a T and dress up as it/them. Better get your dictionaries out eh? If you don’t have one or it’s too covered in dust to read then here’s a link with pages of ideas

Saturday – Spooky Saturday 🧙‍♀️☠️🧛‍♂️👻🧟‍♀️⚰️

Don’t be scared, we don’t bite…or do we!?! Let’s get spooky for Tribfest 2020 on Saturday and scare the Heebie-jeebies out of each other! What are you going to be? We’re all really scared of rain at Tribfest HQ does that count haha?

Sunday – Lazy Sundazeee 😴🛌🌝

We know it’s a busy few days so thought we’d give you a bit of a lie in on Sunday to save your energy for the last day and night of madness. So, wear your best PJ’s/onsies/nighties and we’ll be the comfiest and snuggest festival ever! Also, at the end of the night you can just flop into bed!

Have a look through the previous years photos for some inspiration!

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