Finishing Friday night's VIP Marquee

It's Friday and that means we've got one more band to announce for this week. Today we've got another brilliant band who'll be returning to the VIP Marquee at the world's biggest tribute band music festival. Make sure you're part of it, get your tickets here.

"Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick"

We're very pleased to announce that the brilliant Reasons To Be Cheerful, playing tribute to punk and new wave anthems, will be returning to the VIP Marquee on Friday 15th August 2014

'Reasons to be Cheerful' are a professional Sheffield based band playing the best Punk and New Wave music from 1977 to 1982, featuring The Clash, The Jam, Ian Dury and The Blockheads, The Sex Pistols, Blondie, Elvis Costello and more.

Dangerous Dave, Planet Mark, Baby Elephant and The Shadow combine their tremendous experience and talent to deliver superb renditions of classic favourites such as 'Rhythm Stick', 'A Town Called Malice','Oliver's Army', 'I Fought The Law' and many many other fantastic hits from this era.

Do not miss these guys.  You will love them! 

Catch them in the VIP Marquee on Friday 15th August, 23.30 - 00.30.

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