"I Wanna Get Lost With You"

Their very first performance at Tribfest, we've added The Vereophonics, a tribute to The Stereophonics to the VIP Big Top lineup.

The Vereophonics were born out of a mutual love for the Stereophonics and a long standing desire to form a tribute band to do justice to the Welsh rock icons. We needed to wait until the right front man came along to really do this tribute justice.

We knew it would be a long hard road to find our Kelly Jones, someone who could play guitar and sing like Kelly who also loved the phonics. But with a bit of luck we were introduced to Dan who has taken on the role and is doing a fine job.

The Vereophonics are going from strength to strength and are gaining a lot of traction on the tribute scene. With the attention to detail in both the visual and the audio aspects The Vereophonics are here to stay and ready to rock at Tribfest 2017.

At every gig no matter how big or small we aim to give all of the energy and the performance of a real Stereophonics concert.

So if you want to rock with the UKs number 1 tribute to the Welsh rock gods, then be sure to check us out.

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