Joining the main stage lineup

Appearing at Tribfest for the very first time, we're proud to announce that Springsteen, a tribute to Bruce Springsteen, will be performing on the main stage at Tribfest 2015.

With over 60 years experience in the function band and live British music circuit combined with a love of the music of Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band, 'Springsteen: A Tribute To The Boss' prefer to let the music do the talking.

"Born To Run"

With a full compliment of 6 core musicians reproducing not only the technical musicianship of 'The E Street Band' but also the heartfelt performances made legendary by 'The Boss' himself, 'Springsteen - A Tribute To The Boss' will recreate as authentic a Bruce Springsteen show as you're likely to see on these shores.

Expect to hear classic songs such as 'Born In The USA', 'Dancing In The Dark', 'Born To Run', and 'Glory Days'

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