Madchester is back!

Happy Mondaze - A Tribute to Happy Mondays

Back for their third Tribfest appearance, and this time, on the main stage. We're pleased to announce the return of Happy Mondaze, a tribute to Madchester legends, Happy Mondays.

The groove, the dirt, the sex, the danger and the nostalgia of one of England’s most pivotal bands, reimagined for the very first time

Reliving the heady Madchester vibes of the infamous Hacienda, Happy Mondaze bring you the cult classics and best-selling hits of Manchester's number one baggy band Happy

From the dirt of Squirrel and G Man, the attitude of Bummed, slick grooves of Pills 'n' Thrills and the hedonism of Yes Please. The world's only tribute to the ground-breaking sounds of the Mondays brings to you an authenticity like no other tribute band. Billed as 'spooky' by Bez, the Mondaze deliver a 90 minute show that revives and recreates the punk-¬fuelled energy of the late 80s and early 90s rave scene.

“Really excellent band, great show. This is as near to the 'real deal' as it gets. Wonderful!” – Former Happy Mondays Manager Phil Saxe

"So Good - My Head is Wrecked" - Bez (Happy Mondays)

“They’ve got the Mondays down to an E” – Salford Star

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