Rocking the VIP!

Stone Deaf Forever, a tribute to Motorhead

Making their very first appearance at Tribfest, we're pleased to welcome Stone Deaf Forever, a tribute to Motorhead to the VIP Big Top at Tribfest 2016

After spending 6 years touring the UK and Europe Stone Deaf Förever have firmly established themselves as Europe's most authentic Motorhead tribute.

Playing songs from the mighty 40 year back catalogue of the loudest rock and roll band in the world,

The band are an honest representation of the classic Power Trio that will please even the most die hard Motörheadbanger and include Lemmy’s trademark bass guitars and Phil Campbell’s Signature Lag guitar.

After the sad news of Lemmy's death in December 2015, it's only right for us to pay tribute to this true legend of rock at Tribfest 2016!