Somebody Told Me...

Bringing their Killers tribute to Tribfest, we're pleased to welcome The Kopycat Killers to the Main Stage.

The Kopycat Killers were born when frontman Stuart Rook was told for the 200th time at one of his own gigs that he 'sounds just like that bloke out of The Killers' and thought, "well why not?!".

Since then Stuart, along with Rob, Dickon, Ben and Ash who make up the rest of 'The Kopycat Killers', have brought their sound to venues that 'The Killers' themselves have played such as Bush Hall, London Scala and even Wembley Arena!

The attention to detail is second to none - featuring authentic specially prepared studio sequencer tracks to ape 'The Killers' own, backing musicians, stagewear, instruments, set choice and stage decoration (including the Killers own famous 'K' keyboard stand) are all present and correct.

The 'Kopycat Killers' are huge fans and take sounding and looking like the real thing very seriously indeed. Come and see for yourself!