Stay in style with FestiHuts

Glamping made easy...

Perfect for couples or groups looking for a novel sleeping experience, accommodation in the FestiHut is spacious, luxurious and a great talking point! Quirky and cool yet cosy, the festihut is a unique way to enjoy staying at Tribfest.

Totally weatherproof and with great security – each chalet comes with 2 keys so you can securely lock it up – the festihut is a unique way to enjoy staying at Tribfest.

Your Home From Home...

Dripping with style, the classy chalets make glamping easy. Just turn up and you’ll be welcomed in to your chalet for the weekend, complete with home comforts such as beds, mattresses and a rechargeable lantern. They also benefit from full standing headroom so you can get dressed in comfort, insulated roofs and floors, plus a window for fresh air.

All you need to remember is your bedding or sleeping bag and you can get settled straight in. At Tribfest you can make FestiHut your home from home.

FestiHuts can hold up to 4 people and cost £400 for the whole weekend, that's just an extra £25 per person, per night*

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*Price for 4 people staying at Tribfest over 4 nights