'Stop Crying Your Heart Out'

Oasis Maybe - Oasis Tribute are headlining on Thursday!!!!

Get your voices warmed up to belt out these indie classics. Oasis Maybe - Oasis Tribute will be starting like we mean to go on with all of the hits from start to finish and we're proper up fer it!

Why wait until Sunday to lose your voice when you can lose it on Thursday instead?

Oasis Maybe capture the sound, look and feel of the band from the 1994 - 1997 era, mainly performing tracks from Definitely Maybe and What's the Story Morning Glory with a few famous B-sides and later singles thrown in for good measure. Their show is inspired and drawn from those early gigs and huge stadium shows so transport yourself back to that magical time in the 90's when the brothers ruled the world.

Better pack your tambourine but maybe not your Man United shirt....