'That's Entertainment'

Returning to Tribfest, we're pleased to announce the return of All Mod Cons, a tribute to The Jam, to the Main Stage at Tribfest 2017.

"We are fans of THE JAM, trying to give the best representation of THE JAM LIVE. We are not interested in trying to be THE JAM, or to be lookalikes (apart from the suits!). We are all about giving our audiences the best possible night - delivering the music, the power and the essence of a live JAM gig. Anyway, get out and see us. You will not fail to be entertained. If you're a JAM fan, you'll love it!!"

Formed by Alan in 1998, All Mod Cons are: Guy (Vocals, Guitar), Alan (Bass), and Tony (Drums).

Make sure you see them on Sunday 20th August, 16.30 - 17.30 and singalong with songs including 'A Town Called Malice', 'Going Underground', and 'That's Entertainment'.

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