Vote For Tribfest! 2015

For the 8th year running, we're proud to announce that once again we've been nominated in the UK Festival Awards.

The UK Festival Awards honours the vision, creativity, expertise and effort that powers the UK's best music festivals. It's a real privilege that we've been recognised and nominated for 4 awards in 2015.

We're up for:

  • Best Small Festival - What these intimate events lack in scope they compensate for with an abundance of idiosyncrasies and grass roots appeal. Despite their minimal capacity, many of these cater to their audiences with such focus and peculiar charm that larger events may seem bland in comparison.
  • Best Family Festival - Growing up doesn’t mean you have to stop going to festivals – it just gives you a great opportunity to bring your kids! Every year, there seems to be more and more children at festivals, with specifically designed spaces and facilities for kids reflecting this growth. Games, workshops, play areas and activities for youngsters all combine to make their weekend a memorable one – and often a much easier one for mums and dads. Which festival was the most enjoyable for families this year?
  • The Grass Roots Festival Awards - Often the best small festivals spring from an organic labour of love and a visionary idealism that resonates with thousands. These festivals should be celebrated, not just for the courage, commitment and often personal sacrifice invested by their organisers, but also because they never forget where they’ve come from, supporting both local communities and new music along the way while maintaining an independent spirit and resisting commercial saturation. All hail the grass roots festivals and their creators!
  • Best Toilets - Although it may not be the most glamorous aspect of an event, the quality and quantity of the toilet facilities are incredibly important to attendees. Whether they take the form of pristine portaloos or potentially kraken-infested longdrops, a festival’s toilet situation is indicative of the respect (or lack thereof) that organisers have for their audience.

All the categories are decided by a public vote, so we'd love it if you could help us out and give Tribfest your vote today! Plus by voting in the awards, you can win VIP tickets to all the winning festivals in 2016!

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