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The Devout - Depeche Mode Tribute Act

To put it in words. To write it down. That is walking on hallowed ground. But it’s my duty… And it’s their duty as The Devout to not only bring your favourite Depeche Mode songs to life, but also your memories.

They are more than aware and respectful that DM have fans of all ages; which is why they create a unique experience. To use all of the skill, talent, production and design possible to create a show that transports you back to type of live gigs that made Depeche Mode breakthrough into being established as a Worldwide act.

This not only delivers an opportunity for the fans who ‘were there’ a chance to relive the magic but also gives an insight for the younger audience of what it was like to go to a show where a band were building on, then hitting the peak of their powers. Spreading the news around the world. Taking the word to boys and girls…

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