We love to boogie!

We're pleased to announce that TooREX, a tribute to T.REX and Marc Bolan, will be playing the Main Stage at Tribfest 2017.

TooREX pay homage to possibly the greatest Glam Rock star ever - the late Mr Marc Bolan and his band T.Rex.

"Bolan's songs are still played almost daily on the radio. The melodies are timeless, lyrics charming in their simplicity and sound production extraordinarily contemporary. Chart hits such as Metal Guru, Children of the Revolution and 20th Century Boy still sound as new and exciting as on the day.  Marc Bolan's cultural importance cannot be underestimated in that he was almost single-handedly responsible for glam rock, which defined the 1970s music scene". TooREX is raw live show that suits large festivals & rock venues. Featuring all the exciting hits and B-sides from the T.Rex back catalogue.  Watch and hear TooREX effortlessly unravel & deliver the magical evergreens that dominated the radio airwaves and every teenager's record player during those long & endless sunny summers of the 1970s... Rock On!

...Marc Bolan was one of my best mates and when I work with TooREX it brings a lump to my throat - it reminds me of some fab memories, great band!... Alvin Stardust

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