World Record Attempt at Tribfest!


"I Don't Believe That You Wanna Get Up And Dance”

As part of our 10 years of Tribfest celebrations, we’re going to be attempting a world record attempt at the festival in August 2016.

We’re working with Record Holders Republic to have a shot at “THE WORLD’S BIGGEST ‘OOPS UPSIDE YOUR HEAD’ DANCE”.

On Saturday 20th August, 3.30pm we’ll be getting everyone in the main arena to join in and be part of the world’s biggest dance to the song, join the line, get on the floor and lets make Tribfest a world record breaking festival!

Festival Director Ed Faulkner said, “Everyone loves a good dance and a bit of fun, and this world record attempt is going to celebrate the quirkiness of Tribfest. It’s our 10th year in 2016 so it’s a great way to get the festival into the history books!”